limited liability company (LLC) is a well-known business structure spread all around the US that is preferable for those who plan to start a small business. An LLC maintains a company’s development, assets security, corporate veil and so on. 

If you have a lack of skills about what a corporate veil means and how to manage a business successfully, we advise staying aware of this article. Below we’ll explain the definition of a corporate veil, how to maintain a corporation and how to manage with a corporate veil piercing.

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Meaning of a Corporate Veil

When you settle an LLC, you create a separate legal entity. You produce goods, attract purchasers, get profit, but if one day you have troubles with creditors or court, you’ll need to defend your assets and possession. A limited liability, personal asset protection or a corporate veil signify security by separating a business and a stockholder’s actions. Such a function works when it comes to business objects, such as companies, LLCs and corporations.

A corporate veil guarantees private property safety. If an LLC isn’t responsible for lending payment, no investor has a right to confiscate an apartment, car, cash or obtain a bank account access from a company’s owner.

Despite the positive aspects, a business should keep in mind that neglect of regulations undermines a corporate veil. If a company’s owner doesn’t follow all the legal requests, a piercing corporate veil appears. In such a situation, assets won’t be protected anymore.

What is corporate veil piercing?

A corporate veil piercing is a legal action when a shareholder and business aren’t separate. It means that a company’s owner can’t personally control his assets but must submit to a trial decision. It usually happens when a corporation violates legal order. A corporate veil piercing often occurs after a dissatisfied petitioner applies to a court against a business.

A corporate veil usually becomes pierced for some reason. The most common is when an LLC disregards obligatory company’s norms. You risk personally smash a corporate veil if you don’t take legal warnings seriously. Luckily, there are fewer requirements for an LLC than for a corporation. 

Prepare a company’s annual report in time, keep licences valid, maintain financial statements, release a tax payment and implement essential claims of the government not to endanger your business. 

The second occasion to pierce a corporate veil is not to separate a business and LLC holder’ finances. It is a typical problem for those who lead a small business or sole enterprise where only one man manages a business account. If an owner personally uses business profit for his needs or the opposite, a corporate veil also can be pierced.

Machination is the third reason to pierce a corporate veil or eliminate a corporation. If a court finds out any LLC’s fraud, it will announce piercing a company’s corporate veil.

According to legislation, a company’s proprietor is personally responsible for its LLC actions. If a corporation didn’t have enough money to start a primary capital, to develop its business or left creditors with debts they couldn’t pay, a corporate veil also can be pierced. Remember that mentioned above facts directly impact a court’s solution. The frequency and gravity of prosecution play a key role here.

If a business didn’t send an annual report for the first time, an LLC’s owner would hardly personally bear the punishment. If corporations continue in the same way by ignoring yearly reports and mixing private and business accounts, they’ll receive a notification about a corporate veil piercing.

Is there a chance to protect a corporate veil?

Corporations aren’t so vulnerable when it comes to a corporate veil piercing as LLC. A single-member business or small company often reckon without regulations as they have lower accountability and workers. Luckily every LLC can protect a corporate veil with purposeful business activity. 

To maintain a corporate veil free of damage, follow the four significant recommendations.

1. Observe all the LLC requisitions

Documents preparation is a boring but vital procedure to start and manage a business in a legal way. You should keep in mind all the details about permits and certifications.

Hiring a registered agent service is a beneficial variant. The representative will keep papers in order, remind you about important events personally or online, arrange annual reports and provide other services. If you refuse from a statutory agent, you’ll have to control it all alone.

2. Maintain a particular record of business bargains

If you own not a corporation but an LLC, it is still preferable to maintain a financial account as a law assigns. If you ever undergo a fiscal audit by the IRS, it’ll be easy to prove it via a record.

To stay safe from incorporate veil piercing, a single-unit LLC has to maintain an overwhelming record because even plain monitoring of business deals can separate a business and a company’s owner. It is a significant point to keep both assets and corporate veil in integrity. 

Corporations should prepare records to protect business, assets and reputation from imposture. If you investigate business transactions, there will be more opportunities to face contradictions.

3. Separate business and private assets

Many companies make the same mistake. They don’t stay separate from their partners’ assets and fiscal resources that undermine business stability. Take a note of that to distinguish private, and business finances step by step. 

At first, you’ll need a separate business bank account and supply checks, debit or credit cards with your LLC initials.

Bear in mind that when you write receipts or execute treaties, not you but your business provides services. To mention oneself, an LLC’s owner has to add his signature. In this case, a check can sound informal.

For example, the business title “Pabst Brewing Com.” is a formal application, but putting down “Phillip Best” makes it sound both in a friendly and businesslike manner. 

We don’t recommend covering business debts via personal account and conversely. A business certainly has to bring profit and commodity circulation, so to regain personal income, you better separate business and own assets by drawing a financial line between yours and someone’s else. 

Money allocation from a business to a private account ensures corporate veil protection.

4. Settle a business when you have enough cash

To lead a business without obstacles, make sure your budget isn’t in a critical state, and you have enough resources to start a company.

Every startup causes difficulties, uncertainty or large outlay. Detailed financial planning accelerates an LLC’s prosperity and guards from redundant wastings that helps to focus on a business core. A corporation should have much money only as a protective measure. If a court discovers that a business can’t keep a balance, it won’t be a big deal to pierce a corporate veil. Personal contribution and assets don’t count here.


A corporate veil has several advantages. It improves and preserves an LLC’s activity with a reasonable separation of business and private stocks. 

Every company’s holder must maintain a corporate veil and adhere to all the rules to keep business legal. If a business owner doesn’t violate any requisitions, his company will always be under personal liability protection. There will be no anxiety about assets or property safety.

If you are enthusiastic to settle business, you can register an LLC right now through reliable online services, such as ZenBusiness or Incfile. These platforms offer permanent availability and authentic information.

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