Dealers who aspire to settle a business in the United States prefer to form an LLC as it’s easy to boost and support. Limited liability companies received trust and admiration at the same level as companies and corporations.

Though an LLC sounds modern and plain, there are paperwork routines and regulations every entity must follow. One of them is an annual report that contains profit and spending data.

An annual report drafting doesn’t demand much time and effort. Since it’s a significant factor of every company, corporation, LLC and business in general, we prepared a complete review of an annual report. Down we’ll explain an annual report’s definition, situations, where an LLC needs it, how to form annual reports online etc.

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The meaning of an annual report

Every year an entity has to submit an annual report. For some states, requirements to a company, corporation, and LLC can differ, but the core is actually the same. An annual report serves as an online audit about business activity, statistics, tax payments, licences, violations for a year.

An annual report is a crucial factor for a business. If an LLC doesn’t take it seriously, it undermines the state’s trust. In some districts, LLCs mention an annual report as a yearly account, annual summary, biennial, regular and comprehensive reports.

In most cases, an LLC sends an annual report to the Secretary of State, seldom to another administration entity. We advise consulting the local authorities about where to submit an annual report of your LLC.

Another option of an annual report is to inform the government about essential changes your business suffered within a year. It refers to registered agents’ designation, a new address, partners and so on. We recommend declaring about any force majeure as soon as possible to stay safe from business challenges.

What is an importance of an annual report?

First of all, an annual report is a judicial regulation every state claims. If an LLC doesn’t prepare an annual report, it causes suspicions about a company. The government takes the absence of annual reports as a fraud policy and disrespect.

If it happens, an entity has to bear a long-lasted procedure of justification, explanation and reputation restoration by fixing mistakes via paperwork. No doubt – filing annual reports in time is the most comfortable variant.

Both a small LLC and a developed corporation need reports to run a business and earn money. If a company neglects an annual report, its business may consider as illegal. Also, a registered agent and a replaced location aren’t valid without an annual report.

Delay and untimely records usually lead to law problems. Don’t confuse the government with the wrong or incomplete data of your LLC. Make sure your documents are in order. Frequent ignore of an annual report submission can even provoke a trial against your business.

Does my LLC also need an annual report?

Your company will probably need an annual report as most states require it. Here is the duration of reports an LLC must send:


  • Alaska 
  • Indiana 
  • Nebraska 
  • California 
  • New York
  • Iowa 
  • Washington D.C. 

Every – 10 years:

  • Pennsylvania 

Some states don’t require reports at all. From one side, it’s easier to form an LLC and run a business there:

  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • Ohio
  • Arkansas
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • South Carolina
  • Delaware

From another hand, some states (Delaware, Arkansas and Texas) often change annual reports into several requisitions, such as an annual franchise tax payment or a business privilege tax return.

California, Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Connecticut, Tennessee claim yearly or biannual reports and a franchise tax payment. An entity should be ready to tolerate paperwork to form an LLC in the noted above states.

How to prepare an annual report for my LLC?

A report’s submission isn’t a complicated procedure if an LLC owner takes it seriously and carefully. Below you’ll see instructions about an annual report filling.

1. Validate the data

To make an LLC registered and to file an annual report, an entity should attest and assign an exact term. It usually happens closer to an LLC anniversary. In most situations, states traditionally ask to send reports in January.

As local authorities of every domain impose some specific tariffs, we advise applying to your state to stay aware of details. If you are lucky, the Secretary of State notifies you about an annual report via email. If no, you’ll have to catch the moment yourself.

2. Choose a method

Secretary of State audits a registered annual report, but sometimes LLCs provide information about profit and spendings to the Department of Revenue. An annual report usually constitutes data about business success that sometimes leads to a tax office.

3. Inform via email or online

Nowadays, it’s more comfortable to file an annual report online, but an LLC has the right to obtain an annual report’s duplicate on the state’s site. Joining online services fasten the process of documents elaboration. Papers received per post take more time for verification. Plenty of states require the following blanks for an annual report:

  •  Current business address
  •  Business title
  •  Business ID code
  •  Truthful name and location of a registered agent (the representative can be either an individual or service)

4. Prepare a transcript of an annual financial report

It’s common for the United States to demand a copy of financial resources from an LLC. Such a rule controls every entity’s policy that has to be pure and diligent. The transcript doesn’t have to be extensive, but it’s obligated to tell about significant facts, such as enclosures, bargains, expenses and revenues.

5. Pay for a registered charge

If you don’t plan to waste cash on extra fees, it will be beneficial to form an LLC in Idaho, Minnesota and Mississippi. Other states demand both an annual report and filing prices. Every state has a different sum. The lowest fee is $10 – the maximum is several hundred bucks.


Every business formed in the USA has to submit an annual report to urge the government in its transparent operations.

Besides frankness about income and outlay, an annual report informs about any essential changes, such as hiring a registered agent, changing location, refusal of cooperation with any partner etc. An annual report is a modern form that assists in keeping an LLC in balance.

Every LLC adjusts to the reports’ formation. It isn’t confusing to form an LLC or an annual report at all. Follow the regulations, involve an annual report in your business plan to keep it in mind.

Entities that ignore or forget about yearly reports risk getting sentences and undermine their company’s security and activity. The government doesn’t bear regular violations but deprive LLCs of their owners.

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