IncFile LLC Formation Service: Complete Review for Modern Entrepreneurs

Let’s start our IncFile LLC formation review with a truthful statement that this is the most important accomplice of a modern entrepreneur in solving any business issues!

Filing LLC paperwork is associated with routine paperwork and only irritates, as modern people are very limited in time. However, some do paperwork with pleasure, then the information below will be useless for them. Do you want to get rid of long and exhausting hours of filling out paperwork and contacting various authorities? – Apply to the IncFile LLC formation service!

Fortunately, you have a wide range of choices among dozens of shaping services. Which to choose? – The one that will allow you to use your financial resources efficiently! Choose the service that is fully consistent with the format of your business.

The service for the business project formation should perform two main tasks:

  1. Provide meaningful advice and advanced business building tools;
  2. Assist at the stage of development and management of a new company. We are talking about the deadlines for submitting reports, compliance with all government requirements, etc.

Also, when choosing a business service, pay attention to its lifespan, the results of its work, and the cost of services. It is also essential if it is easy to use the formation of a business project service in practice.

We have prepared expert answers to all kinds of questions regarding interaction with the IncFile LLC service formation.

Expert Hint: To make the right choice in favor of the best LLC formation service, compare at least three LLC websites!

Reliable LLC Formation Service From the Point of View of our Experts: Natural Selection Criteria

Generally speaking, the best LLC service is the one that meets your subjective needs. So, the priority is your ultimate goal, which output you expect from the service. Of course, certain qualities, shown by the service at each business stage of the LLC formation, cannot be ruled out.

We examined in detail the IncFile service for the LLC formation and relied on the following criteria for its assessment:

  • Availability of the best price/quality ratio of business service. What do customers pay for?
  • Experience in providing services in this business field. Can the service confirm the declared experience?
  • The quality of service to the customer base in this service. Were the entrepreneurs satisfied after interacting with the service? How does their business end up developing?
  • Ease of use of the service. Can clients independently cope with the assigned business tasks?
  • Business formation speed. How long will entrepreneurs have to wait for the result of contacting the service?

So, if the service for the formation of the LLC meets the given requests, it deserves your attention. You will find all the answers to these questions and even more in the review below!

IncFile: General Specification

IncFile is a very convenient web service that will help you incorporate your business. Many entrepreneurs of the past centuries could not even dream of such a miracle!

They had to conquer the heights of bureaucratic obstacles on their own. They spent a lot of time and nerve cells, as well as finances on this. It is worth noting that interacting with the Secretary of State can be quite frustrating, as, in some states, it is very florid.

IncFile has greatly simplified business formation and is ready to take over the work with documents’ filing!

IncFile was established in 2006 and is located in Houston, Texas. During its existence, IncFile has successfully contributed to the creation of about 300,000 businesses across America.

However, the IncFile company continues to develop, paying attention to new trendy opportunities in the list of its services. For example, you can apply to a registered agent, connect reminders about the deadlines for reporting, and use many other recommendations for running your business project.

IncFile provides alternative services to LegalZoom but charges a lower fee. Thus, business owners can save money! It is very important for those who are at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. IncFile offers a transparent pricing system, and you, in turn, will know in advance which product and at what price you are purchasing.

Incfile’s LLC Service: The Way of Functioning

You will be surprised how easy it is to use the IncFile service! All you need is to answer a few simple questions about your business project. This information is needed so that the IncFile service can care about the documents filing. Besides, it will submit them on behalf of the entrepreneur. Of course, every business is unique and has individual needs, but entrepreneurs still have to follow a series of standard steps: 

  • Determine the type of business (LLC) and select the state in which you plan to operate;
  • Explore and select a package of IncFile services. All three of them, and we will tell you in more detail about each of them below;
  • If you need additional services, select them. For example, you can pay for expedited service, request ready-made banking solutions and operating agreements, etc.
  • For IncFile can form the Articles of Association for your company, provide all the necessary information (all the details are below).

IncFile guarantees the safety of your data and the information that you provide (without taking into account the chosen package). In addition, the IncFile service will remember the business data you specified, and you will not need to enter them again if necessary. So, in the course of interaction with the IncFile LLC formation service, entrepreneurs need to indicate:

  • The chosen name for the LLC;
  • Legal LLC address;
  • Personal and contact details of all founders (owners);
  • Personal and contact details of the registered agent. This information will be required if the LLC owner does not use the additional services of registered agents in IncFile;
  • Indicate the date when you plan to start the business;
  • If you know in advance that your business will be temporary, indicate the expected duration of its operation.

If the business owner decides to supplement the selected package with related functions, IncFile will request this data. While working with the IncFile service, you will see hyperlinks and islands with questions and answers to them. Thus, you will receive timely clarifications on new terms and functions.

After the IncFile service receives the necessary information, the system will redirect the business owner to the payment page. After payment’s fulfillment, the order will be processed. So, our congratulations!

You will be able to cope with documents’ filing, register your business and manage it under the requests of the state of your residence. In addition, pay attention to the IncFile services of a registered agent, as this can greatly simplify the solution of your business problems!

Is it possible to state that IncFile is a reliable option?

Yes, it is! It is the optimal LLC formation accommodation and the fruitful use of the registered agent services that accompany you at every stage of creating and developing a business. As a result, with IncFile you will receive fast and reliable business service, instead of spending a lot of time creating files yourself.

Our IncFile review does not end there, and many more details await you, but here are the main conclusions regarding the pros and cons of IncFile that we made:

  • Advantage: IncFile quickly processes requests and offers the best packages of individual services in the direction of an LLC business formation;
  • Disadvantage: You will undoubtedly receive support over the phone, but IncFile email support is much better.

Don’t waste your time and energy! Entrust your business project to IncFile professionals!

IncFile: Customers Review

The “Entrepreneur” has declared that IncFile is one of the best US services in 2018 (out of 360) to help entrepreneurs in various areas of business formation and management. It means that the IncFile service can be proud of thousands of satisfied customers!

So, here is a list of what service users rated the most:

  • Comprehensive business support, even after paying for a package of services;
  • The IncFile service is fully optimized for the needs of modern entrepreneurs and is very easy to use;
  • You can choose an IncFile package that suits your individual business needs;
  • Fast and responsive support team.

It is worth noting that IncFile continues to support its customers for a long time, which is why many of them come back again. However, there are some negative opinions from consumers.

Here you can read the summary of negative reviews:

  • Some IncFile clients received invoices for services already rendered twice;
  • New users get lost when reviewing service packages;
  • Some are intimidated by unfamiliar terms (corporate / company charter, registered agent, etc.)

If you encounter the same troubles, you can contact IncFile support. Experts will quickly eliminate the shortcomings and always resolve the issue in favor of the client. So, there are more positive IncFile reviews, which means that you can be sure of the correctness of your choice!

IncFile & LegalZoom: Take into Account all the Distinctions

If you are a beginner in this direction, then you will not see the differences. You will notice only the same task of the two services – to assist in the LLC formation. It is undoubtedly true! However, there is a difference between them, and it is very significant. We have prepared a detailed review. However, first, we want to give you a summary of the key differences:

  • About 4,000,000 clients have already entrusted the formation of the LLC to the LegalZoom service. About 1,500,000 of these users are already successful businesses. It cannot fail to impress!;
  • With the IncFile service, you will receive a package of initial services without paying a cent, and there are no more such offers on the Internet;
  • IncFile will process your request within 24 hours without charging an additional fee for the acceleration service. It significantly reduces the time for the formation of the LLC.

Which entrepreneurs’ needs are best served by the IncFile?


This LLC formation service is suitable for all entrepreneurs regardless of their individual business needs. It is vital to choose the right package of services. Such packages can include both a primitive set of services and differ in an advanced service. Do you want to form an LLC, or do you need trendy business options? – IncFile will be useful to you in any case!

IncFile: The Detailed Review

How much will it cost you to form an LLC?

It is always difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs in terms of finance. As a rule, there is not enough money, and you have to save. Of course, it is not reasonable to save on such an important issue as an LLC formation. However, considering your needs, you can cut costs a bit. So, IncFile offers three different packages with a different set of services and different prices. Choose carefully:

  1. The Silver Package is a basic set of IncFile services, and it is free. There are no additional options here. IncFile submits documents for the LLC formation on your behalf. However, there are many settings here: the formation of operational agreements, ready-made banking solutions, tax registrations, etc. In addition, users can choose among these settings and disable unnecessary ones. The Silver Package from IncFile is the best offer in the network in this segment. Also, registered users can contact a free registered agent from IncFile for a whole year on attractive terms ($ 119);
  2. The Gold Package will set you back $ 149. For this price, you will receive the entire set of IncFile services from the Silver Package, as well as some other options. The preferential settings include the presence of a federal taxpayer identification number, a developed operating agreement, ready-made banking solutions, etc.;
  3. The Platinum Package costs $ 299 and includes all the services of the Gold Package and much more. In addition, within this IncFile package, you can enjoy faster request processing. Many entrepreneurs are limited in time, so this option can be decisive when choosing a package.

Now let’s talk about third-party add-ons. As part of your interaction with IncFile, you can take advantage of some attractive partner add-ons. It’s about opening a commercial bank account with Bank of America. You can also contact SnapWeb if you need to create a business web resource. You can opt-out of any of these add-ons at any time.

Would you like to make an order in IncFile? – It’s simple enough!

To make an order quickly and easily is an essential aspect of interaction with any Internet service. Amazon is a good example of easy ordering in this regard. Likewise, with IncFile, you don’t have to wander through information-packed web pages to find what you need.

There are no pitfalls in documents’ filing and working with IncFile, and no unpleasant surprises await you. Throughout the entire time of ordering, IncFile will offer you advice, hints, and explanations. That is why the process of an LLC formation will go smoothly!

In addition, IncFile will help you choose additional options. So the package you have chosen will be really useful to you! You will not only quickly form an LLC but also successfully set up work with it. You will also be surprised by the transparency of the pricing with IncFile. Add or remove options, and prices will change instantly.

The Review of Customer Support Service Assistance

If you order documents’ filing to form an LLC with IncFile, you will not feel impersonal. It is thanks to the attentive and responsive support team. The specialists here are very competent, and you will have a complete feeling that the entire process of an LLC formation is under reliable control and completely individualized. 

We tested the IncFile support service. They received the same question from us by phone and email. Of course, we got the information we needed faster over the phone. However, by email, the answer was more detailed and contained many hints.

So, the conclusion about the work of the IncFile support service will be very positive. Experts quickly and competently offer a solution to any issue.

LLC Formation: Time Frame Review

Filing documents to form an LLC independently is possible. However, as a rule, aspiring entrepreneurs are limited in time and still do not know many of the nuances. IncFile will come to the rescue! You will save your time, as the speed of IncFile is commendable. You will never regret choosing to form an LLC right here.

IncFile guarantees that it will process your LLC formation request within 24 hours. So, the time for registering an LLC with IncFile is minimized. Already on the day of the appeal, your state will receive a notification about the LLC formation.

For its part, IncFile does its best to form an LLC quickly. However, the catch can come from your state. After filing documents with IncFile, your state will determine the date when your business will start working.

Sometimes it’s about several days, and sometimes it’s several weeks. Pay attention to the corresponding item in the order form with IncFile. Here you will find accurate information regarding how long your state will process the generated request.

Refunds Option

Unfortunately, the return of IncFile services to facilitate the opening of a business and other services is not possible. Part of the money you paid will go to the state as a registration fee. You cannot get this money back. However, not everything is as sad as it seems at first glance.

Of course, if you work more closely with the package of your choice from IncFile, you may conclude that some options are useless for you. For example, you no longer need the service of a registered agent. In this case, IncFile invites you to use the money-back function. There are some rules worth paying attention to.

Want to opt-out of some IncFile services? – Do it quickly! You will receive your money back only if you cancel your subscription before sending the payment to the state account. After the documents’ filing is over and the order is processed by the IncFile service, a refund is not possible. The cancellation fee is $ 30.

Qualified Support to Meet Business Requirements on Time

It is not enough to form an LLC, care about documents’ filing and launch a business idea. It is much more significant to comply with the requirements put forward by the state so that your business works stably and generates income.

Some entrepreneurs have to cope with annual accounts filing, and some renew their licenses. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in sanctions.

IncFile will constantly remind you of the requirements that the government puts forward concerning your business. However, the level of assistance in this matter depends on which package you choose.

Any business package from IncFile assumes that you will receive notifications and reminders about meeting essential business deadlines. So, it is vital to provide a valid email address.

 To Sum It Up: IncFile’s Verdict

To Sum It Up: IncFile’s Verdict

Summing up our review, we can state that the IncFile service offers one of the most comfortable conditions for an LLC formation and maintaining your business. There are small comments on the work of the telephone support service. However, this shortcoming is compensated by reasonable prices and speed of order processing.

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