If you plan to form a corporation in Ohio but have doubt or lack of skills, this review promises to be effective. It’s not difficult to run a business in Ohio if a dealer doesn’t neglect a tax payment and rules compliance. Some traders aspire to cooperate with shareholders, so they prefer to form a corporation than a single company.

This article shows 11 stages with a detailed investigation about corporation registration and business flourish.

If you don’t wish to enroll in an LLC alone, we advise applying to a business incorporation service.

A useful note! According to the customer opinions, Incfile, Zenbusiness, and LegalZoom are reliable and qualified online platforms. They are ready to form a corporation, company, LLC, and provide a business with all the necessary functions for a lower cost.

Down you’ll see 11 stages of how to register a corporation and develop a business in Ohio

1) Select a business name

A business name plays a crucial role in every company’s development. It represents an LLC’s purpose, structure, and services. A business owner needs to base on – 3 significant factors while choosing a corporation title.


When you settle a business in Ohio, keep in mind that you should add specific initials, such as Co, Corp, Inc, Ltd, incorporated, limited, corporation, or company.

Take it seriously because you have no legal rights to call your business an LLC if you lead a corporation. There is also no legal permission for a company to represent an accounts department if its structure relates to commerce or production.

A business clarification

A corporation that alludes to its activity will attract more clients than a company with an uncertain business name. We advise an LLC to leave a trace that describes its structure and concept. For example, adding “eco” or “bio” characterizes a secure business that cares about the environment.

A reasonable definition

The worst thing about a business is an inappropriate title that embarrasses both purchasers and holders. You should not be ashamed of your business initials.

Choose a name that sounds proud and smart. It’s a fail when an owner can’t explain his company name’s meaning. Simultaneously, don’t try to look too unusual and distinctive. A business name must be easy to read and remember.

At the Ohio Business Name search, a person can check if a desirable title is still accessible. If a current business name doesn’t satisfy you or the platform considers the title as plagiarism, utilize LLC formation services for assistance.

2) Hire a registered agent

Ohio corporations are responsible for a statutory agent nomination that can be either an individual or a company.

A registered agent is a legal envoy that keeps papers in order and informs a corporation whether a subpoena or complaint occurs from a competitive business. A dealer has to mention a registered agent’s name and location while forming an LLC or applying the Articles of Incorporation in the fourth stage.

What are the requirements for a potential statutory agent?

Both – a company and a person should follow simple rules, such as having a present residence at Ohio’s territory to receive frequent post and legal notifications due to a business schedule.

Ohio allows a trader to assign himself as his registered agent. A business owner can serve as another company’s representative via an agreement, recruit his relative and even introduce his bookkeeper’s address. In this case, Ohio offers many variants.

The Ohio Secretary of State declares:

“A corporation, a company, an LLC, and any business are obligatory to designate and support its registered agent, irrespective of the business structure. An envoy must audit corporate documents, keep every business policy safe, and report any legal changes.”

A piece of advice. We guess that a request to a professional service will save time and effort. Certified websites implement the procedure without risk and use an approach to find a suitable registered agent for your business. The services remove spam, anxiety and maintain the confidentiality of every corporation.

One more thing. ZenBusiness and Incfile suggest various functions for a corporation, including a free registered agent service. To form a company online and know more, go on observing this article.

3) Accomplish your Articles of Incorporation

This legal instrument is official evidence of a registered corporation in Ohio. To finalize the operation, file online or download the PDF and send the blank via mail. At the end of a treaty pattern, subscribe as an incorporator. 

Articles of Incorporation should realize you interact as a business founder.

  • An application price: $99
  • An implementation term: less than – 1 week (except rest days)
  • Department: Ohio Secretary of State
  • Post destination: Ohio Secretary of State P.O. Box 670 Columbus, OH 43216
  • A phone number for any troubles or issues: 877-767-3453

4) Submit a corporate report

Ohio claims every corporation and LLC to inform about statistics, partners, solutions, tax payment, and any business changes.

A company has to keep a corporate record in a secure place, as the document is very important for a legal activity. Here is our simple recommendation – immediately form a natural or digital space to hide papers and ensure your corporate record is ok.

5) Form a Board of Directors

A corporation proprietor appoints the prime chiefs of a company. A business owner should indicate every director’s name in a prepared source or “incorporator’s statement” and submit it in a corporate report. Articles of Incorporation has to obtain the complete list of a board of directors. The document’s pattern is found here.

Ohio doesn’t demand the original executors, however, the initial directors will comply with their obligations until a corporation elects new members at a yearly stockholder gathering under the charter. A business founder can act as an initial director.

6) Form a corporate charter

Corporate charters intrude regulations and operations a company has to obey. In general, corporate bylaws adhere to a single structure:

  • How do stockholders plan to vote?
  • A number of directors and arguments for their choosing
  • How often do directors aspire to gather and discuss issues?
  • What are the titles of potentially designated people?
  • Are there any thoughts about how to settle a conflict fairly?

There’s no legal claim to assign corporate charters, though plenty of corporations find the function beneficial.

Corporate charters are a valuable option for bank account forming or lending. Some corporations can’t evolve to the full without corporate bylaws.

Primary directors or business proprietors can create corporate charters. A company’s legal instrument should note a corporate bylaw signed by a chief or an LLC owner and added to a corporate report. Ohio’s government doesn’t register bylaws itself.

Widespread structures to form a bylaw

  • Use a free web pattern. Northwest Registered Agent offers a free template available at any time.
  • Recruit an attorney to create reports. If your corporation faces enclosures and a business attracts more investors, receiving a lawyer will guarantee business serenity. A legal envoy should work in Ohio for many years and stay aware of the state’s distinctive features and Ohio Corporate law. Corporations need a corporate report to interact without trouble. You can select a responsible and intelligent lawyer in Ohio at Avvo.

7) Lead an initial board session

First, a corporation has to appoint members, submit a corporate report and then convene directors. A person who possesses a business traditionally presents the first board meeting. At the original session, directors should manage debates mentioned below theories:

  • Elaborate and confirm corporate records
  • Assign agents who are responsible for daily business items
  • Enter into a contract with a bank
  • Ratify asset certificates distribution
  • Finalize a tax procedure by naming a company, like C or S corporation (watch stage 9 to know more).

Meticulous session recording. A corporation should prepare an accurate report about all the conversations, elections, negotiations, and actions of the directors’ board. In the end, a corporation is also accountable to allocate the obtained information to every member. The statement’s second name is a “minute record”, as directors gain not only data but also a certain time of disputed events.

8) Complete a tax payment

Federal claims

To form a corporation and run a legal business in Ohio, a man needs to acquire an EIN or federal tax ID code. IRS offers free services and promises the operation won’t turn into a headache. A federal tax number brings several advantages, such as hiring workers, forming corporate taxes, setting a bank account, etc.

Each company must indicate if it wishes to release a tax payment as S or C corporation. If you aren’t sure how to distinguish the companies, watch down:

  • C corporation. Many companies prefer to cooperate as C corps, as it’s easier and more comfortable than S corporations suggest. C corp covers tax debts at the corporate level and on the stockholders’ private tax declaration. It signifies a dual taxation policy.
  • S corporation. If your business cooperates with a maximum of 100 native shareholders, produces only one asset structure, and doesn’t belong to an external legal entity, paying a tax as an S corp is an appropriate variant. If your company is equal to these points, sign as an S corp to escape the double taxation versus to C corporations that don’t have such an opportunity. Also, S corps dividends don’t need to pay taxes. We don’t advise to exist as an S corp if you contact foreign stockholders.

State demands

Every state of the USA offers different possibilities to form an LLC. Ohio facilitates things as it doesn’t charge a corporate profit tax. Nevertheless, companies with tax gross proceeds of $150,000 and more within 12 months should pay a Commercial Activity Tax (CAT). Depending on a business sphere, structure, and location, a corporation might pay for other taxes. It mainly relates to a business involved with equipment. For instance, a gross slot house income tax, fuel tax, electricity tax, sales tax, goods distribution tax, and so on.

Apply to the Ohio Business Gateway for supplementary tax info your business might need.

Regional requests

As we noted above, domains can also impose additional taxes, but no need to panic! The Ohio Business Gateway brings an ability to form an LLC online, include a company for specific tax payments, and stay aware of changes for about 500 provinces and towns. If at the moment there is no access to this service in your region, apply to the local bureau to introduce yourself to all the taxes. However, the website has business data about Ohio’s five prosperous cities:

9) Manage permits and licenses to legalize a business

Besides a tax regulation, LLCs, corporations, and companies have to send a request to Ohio’s authorities and receive licenses. Every business is individual, so we advise addressing the 1st Stop Business Connection checklists.

A trader needs to select his business industry and introduce himself to an entire instruction of how to obtain licenses. The website helps to lead a business without obstacles and leaves a list of Licenses and Permits available through registration platforms and connected apps.

When you finalize the business operation, control once again whether your LLC, a corporation or a company needs additional steps to run a business legally. The Ohio Business Gateway furnishes with a phone and email of every city and village to smooth a task for business owners. You can look through the contacts here.

10) Provide an employee insurance

Both – a small LLC and a large corporation once achieve a position when a business needs to hire people to keep competition. In this case, a company is responsible to supply its people with insurance. It compensates for financial damages in a crisis period. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation website will assist in an employee insurance acquisition.

Every business is liable to donate a determining part of its profit to the state’s inflation compensation tax.

The dole covers the salary loss of workers. If a company recruits at least – 1 person in 5 months or gives over $1,500 to workers in the present or previous year, it also has to grant a repayment tax. Join the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to form a compensation tax account for an LLC or a corporation. Here you’ll find an attendant for Ohio unemployment insurance. 

Moreover, companies recommend forming a complete responsibility coverage and other manufacture-related insurances, though it isn’t an Ohio legal requirement.

11) Create a business bank profile

To settle a company, legalize a business and gain a limited liability defense, a dealer should isolate his stocks from business holdings to keep a corporate veil far from piercing. A corporation’s proprietor needs to form a corporate business bank account to secure its business.

Assistance while forming an LLC, corporation, company, and any business in Ohio

A dealer needs to be patient to register his LLC. The procedure of a corporation enrollment usually expects a long-lasted duration. Many business institutions provide corporations with capable aid. You can join them anytime to form a company or promote an LLC.

Web Registration Services

To save time and effort, apply to ZenBusiness and Incfile. These available and cheap services supply a corporation with reliable help.

They offer packages of significant and additional functions to form an LLC, boost a company, attract shareholders to a corporation, hire a registered agent, and so on. The platforms probably aren’t the same with a lawyer whom you speak with face to face. 

They are virtual business services that bring no legal consultation. But they still implement a corporation’s registration, regulate tax payment and licenses obtainment. When it comes to any legal challenge, better deal with an attorney.

Ohio Business Lawyer

Sometimes it’s beneficial to cooperate with a business legal representative compared to a web LLC registration service.

A corporation administration demands much patience and labor. It isn’t easy to manage things alone. To form an LLC correctly or protect a business from misfortune and confusion, make sure you interact with a sensible lawyer in Ohio.

If you haven’t been in touch with a legal entity yet, there are suitable services, that can suggest a professional lawyer for your business. We prefer to apply to Avvo as it owns overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. 

Avvo has a large base of business attorneys. You can visit its page and choose an experienced lawyer that is ready to use an individual approach and devote his time to your issue. 


Ohio Small Business Development Centers, are also enthusiastic to provide the necessary help. The business portals include Certified Business Advisors specialized in unique business consultants, accurate business management, money stream structure, business coach sessions, and productive business information that aids LLCs and corporations to reach success.

Ohio SBDCs aren’t certainly the only effective business resource. Address to the Secretary of the State official site to applicate Ohio Business Road Map and Starting a Corporation Guide in Ohio. In point – 9, we named the Ohio Business Gateway that assists in an LLC formation and business prosperity. There is also the Department of Taxation’s Business resources that designates specific incorporation rules.

In stage – 10, we indicated the 1st Stop Business Connection that provides Ohio corporations with a launch and financial items. 

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