To search a name for an LLC, corporation, and any business is a significant factor that plays a crucial role in starting your own business and its further promotion.

A business name is an integral part that follows an LLC during its existence. While thinking about how to choose a suitable name, we advise paying attention to an LLC’s main idea and goal.

For example, if you care about nature, add “bio” or “eco” to your business name. Environment protectors will appreciate that, and you’ll gain more partners and customers. Don’t forget that a name should match to legal norms of the state.

We constituted an informative review about how to search and choose an appropriate business name. We hope our article will be helpful for potential LLC owners.

Down, you’ll get acquainted with: how to tolerate commerce references, how to search a name for an LLC, how to manage a legal business, and so on. We’ll also discuss whether you can change your LLC’s name in the future.

A piece of advice. Many factors influence a name choice. When you feel confident to represent a desirable name for an LLC, reserve the URL. The web address registration won’t permit anyone else to possess the name.

How to choose an LLC name? At what to base?

1) Legal requisitions

The most responsible legal rule each state demands is uniqueness, not plagiarism. No LLC has a right to annex a busy name. A name should differ enough from competitors, so there is no reason to confuse it or declare pretensions for the literary property. The legal claim refers to every LLC, regardless of its state.

A resembled name often causes problems. You can lose clients and purchasers can apply for a rival’s services mistakenly, just because you were not enthusiastic in paying more attention to diversity.

In the end, you’ll get stuck in crisis as a new LLC with a similar name looks like a parody and never wins a reliable and experienced opponent who was first to select an indicated name. Visit your state’s business website to audit if a preferred name is available for an LLC.

A name also must not violate administrative brand defended norms. Plenty of trademarks consist of a complete business name or initials. Make sure your name doesn’t involve any borrowed abbreviations.

A helpful note. A legal investigation imposes penalties and jitters. Your business can suffer even if you occasionally use someone’s name. Not to face a subpoena, search in a trademark database now and here. Never hesitate to insure your LLC and its name.

Every state announces distinctive regulations for an LLC and its name. A good business name describes a purpose and business type, like corp, comp, CO, etc. For an LLC it’s often LLC, L.L.C., a limited liability company.

The state doesn’t accept a business to mention various tags with no attitude to a present company’s intention. An LLC can’t add bookkeeping or office terms to its name if it specializes in goods production, etc. An LLC can’t interact as a corporation or hint about an inconsistent sphere or unreal level in its name.

2) Marketing tactics

Next to legal compliance occurs a commerce strategy. Every marketing needs a fascinating and colorful advertisement to promote its commodities and services.

A business name is a dawning of an LLC presentation. It’s a privilege when a name sounds convenient, meaningful and reflects an LLC conception. Being too long or troublesome to read provokes obstacles and anti-promotion. 

Neither partners nor clients will be able to spell such a business name or keep it in mind. An LLC reputation won’t achieve a top as its name causes problems rather than prosperity. Attempt to search for something short but attractive. A trader should know how to explain his business name’s meaning. It’s embarrassing if a dealer doesn’t know what the name denotes.

For example, if you own a pizza cafe, you should allude to that and use the word “pizza” as a key. Calling the business “the best food” won’t work.

Anyway, a name should bring power and honor. Don’t be in a hurry while searching. Think twice before choosing an appropriate name.

It may take time, but the expectation is worthy. In general, we advise concentrating on a short name and LLC’s main idea. Search your state’s website for available names. Don’t stay disappointed if there’s no access to a preferred variant. The site will probably show suitable alternatives.

If you aspire your business name to root in online platforms, guess about social network advance and domain name. A selected name might be available for an LLC in your state, but there’s still no warranty that URL domain suits for 100%.

A good domain combines both with a full name and its cut version. If you are lucky to obtain a fortune domain, it’ll introduce your LLC to more people, and soon you’ll receive new clients.

How to confirm a chosen LLC name?

If you choose a free name in your mind and send a request about its registration in several weeks, no wonder someone might reserve it. Don’t postpone a name enrollment. Implement a name reservation while forming an LLC.

You’ll receive both automatically via the application to the Secretary of State. A dealer incorporates a name only once. It’s official security, according to which no business can utilize the same name. 

However, potentially, a competitor can fight with you for a similar title. If you hesitate about a name reservation, no wonder a rival beats you in velocity. In this situation, you’ll have to select a fresh name. A business owner should be rational and establish a business plan to avoid misfortune. Better form an LLC, and register a name simultaneously or during a few days.

Many states permit to book a name before an LLC incorporation. To enroll a name, a dealer needs to file a needy document, and submit it to a Secretary of State bureau. To reserve a name, you’ll have to pay $10-50. A name booking is usually valid for – 4 months. In some states, the duration runs 2 or 1 month or a maximum of 1 year.

During this period, an LLC proprietor is accountable for all the legal issues regulation not to skip the name term. If you don’t appeal to a local office for a name registration after the term ends, the name becomes available for other members. We advise launching an LLC and register its name synchronically.

How can I change my LLC’s name?

Every LLC should take a business name search seriously. If you reserve a name that doesn’t satisfy your needs or reflect the real purpose of your LLC, changing it will demand much effort and time.

Sometimes LLCs plan to reach a new level and transshape into grand enterprises. In this case, they also might need to select another name as the previous one doesn’t match the current position anymore.

Or if an LLC’s name contained its owner who doesn’t run an LLC anymore or ignored legal demands and got banned. There are many arguments for an LLC name’s change. We recommend weighing all the facts before applying for a new title. 

When you decide to search for a different name, address to DBA, or doing business as name booking. Remember that a new name affects a business structure. If you owned an LLC and aspire to turn it into a corporation now, its name can’t include “LLC” anymore. In general, variations refer to a tax payment, licenses, bank profile registration, etc.

DBA is a beneficial option that guarantees a new name’s protection. An attitude to a fresh name is as reliable as to an old one. No LLC will possess your new name. This privilege releases a long duration of supplementary papers’ elaboration.

A process of a DBA inserting doesn’t demand much exertion. Apply to your regional bureau or join your LLC to a DBA enrolment in the state. An LLC that functions in a province need to address to a local clerk. DBA doesn’t change an LLC’s legal name – it just approves utilization of a new name. If a legal name endures no variations, an LLC’s owner doesn’t need to release extra industry-specific tax payments or collect more data.

Besides being convenient, a DBA also has disadvantages while choosing a name. A DBA system doesn’t provide with legal responsibilities or defend unicity. Theoretically, an LLC doesn’t gain a complete safeguard about its name being unique.

If an alien business likes your name, it’ll obtain not only permission to take it but also to call his LLC without informing you or making a deal. In this case, if a business owner assures a name, you’ll have to select another one. It may sound intricate, so better consult the DBA services for detail.


While choosing or changing a name for your business, we advise focusing on trading aspects and legitimation. At a start, ensure that the desired name doesn’t violate the state law and is in free access. Remember that a name has to represent an LLC’s primary purport and be convenient to spell and memorize.

Our head r for all the business owners is to convince them that even if professional LLC service assists you, don’t hurry, as a business name is a key moment for every LLC.

Make a list of 3-5 preferred names to think twice and choose the best one. Discuss an appropriate variant with your fellows, potential partners, or LLC promotion specialists. Whether you plan to change an LLC’s name without errors, better rectify the articles of organization than rapidly register an LLC via DBA.

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