The Proper Way to File an Ohio DBA

Being a business owner in Ohio? Do you want to manage it using a prospective name? You have an excellent opportunity to acquire a business and to conduct activities of a sole proprietor under the (DBA) name.

The process of obtaining a DBA for any official business is simple, but it requires considering several nuances. In addition, owners should be aware of the rules for using the new name registered. So, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to use the DBAs in the state under the question.

It is essential: the sole proprietor must understand that he will not receive limited liability protection, as is the case with an LLC. There are no restrictions on the number of DBAs in an LLC. You won’t experience any difficulties while doing it yourself. However, the greater the number of additional names, the more difficult it is to keep accounting correctly. Therefore, hiring an LLC website is the very best idea!

Ohio DBA Application Process

DBA registration is carried out depending on the company’s region: state, county, or city. Therefore, there is no one procedure, or there are more than 900 of them. They are similar and maybe radically different. Depending on the state, applications may occur to the local or county secretary’s office, the state agency, or all of the above institutions.

To add a DBA to a US LLC, you will first need to contact your local registration authority, where you can get information about the procedure. It is usually allowed to apply for a Secretary of State’s website online. But there are states where you need to fill out a Trade Name or Fictitious Name Registration form and personally submit it to a specific agency.

So, you should indicate the official name of the LLC, the name of the DBA, the line of business, the date of the company’s establishment, the legal address, and the name of the sole proprietorship. The standard requirements for a DBA include:

  • check for uniqueness;
  • testing the name for restrictions: does not violate moral and ethical principles and norms;
  • payment of the registration fee (there are states where it does not apply);
  • publishing information in a local newspaper.

By the way, do not forget to attach a check for $ 25. Next, you need to send the completed form and check to the address: P.O. Box 788 Columbus, OH 43216. It is the office of the Secretary of State. To simplify the task, you can use this link to the official online form. After registration, the registered company will get a Doing business certificate.

Ohio DBA: The Essence

At the initial stage of doing business, entrepreneurs usually use only one type of economic activity. But in the future, there is a need to diversify risks and expand the company.

So, you have to choose: open a new legal entity or apply to DBA? Sole proprietors and general partnerships may use names that differ from the owner’s name.

Limited liability companies and corporations can use several DBAs at once to have the official registered identification of their activities. Why do Ohio companies acquire DBAs? The answer lies on the surface:

  1. Sole proprietorships and partnerships are a guarantee that your company is conducting official activities. A professional company will attract many more potential clients than a company that has just its name. The company can also obtain a bank account using the DBA. This way, you can separate personal assets and business. It will also be more comfortable for customers, as each sole proprietorship prefers to receive invoices in the company’s name.
  2. Corporations and LCCs use registered DBAs to use different names within the same trademark. DBA also helps to separate subsidiaries from the parent corporation. For example, this technique is prevalent in the restaurant business. One owner opens several restaurants that are unrelated. Thus, it doesn’t matter what your marketing or accounting goals are! DBAs are advisable in any case, and most importantly, they make doing business very comfortable.

So, DBA in Ohio is the best opportunity for companies to make their image brighter and more recognizable. They can use a variety of tools to express themselves without wasting time on paperwork.

An Ohio DBA Validity Period

The official validity period is five years. Further, the owner of the DBA will need to file the renewal form. One can do it online at the office of the Secretary of State. However, you can also use mail. Each such application will allow you to use the DBA for the next five years.

Hiring a Professional DBA Filing Service: The Necessity

You do not need to register for a DBA yourself, as there are quite a few companies that provide this service at a professional level. They know all the subtleties. So, you will get a positive result the first time. Of course, their services are not free. They will collect all the documents on their own, and you will only need to provide them with some data. So, it’s up to you to decide what you want: save your time or money.

It is worth noting again that the requirements for obtaining a DBA in Ohio are simple, and many companies fill out the official form online on their own. But if you are still too busy or are afraid to make a mistake, you can turn to LegalZoom, for example. The fees you will have to pay are very fair, and it is worth spending that money!

Final Thoughts

It makes sense to register a DBA when you need to separate several areas of business. Such a solution will make it possible to assess efficiency better, improve the quality of control over certain types of activities.

Rational use of “Doing business as” to promote a new product on the market – allows you to analyze the consumers’ reaction and not spend money on opening a new legal entity. To file a DBA will not cause additional complications.

FAQ Section

Can I get legal protection from the DBA?

– No, you cannot. DBA registration does not provide for the security of business from the point of view of jurisdiction. Personal asset protection is available through a corporation or limited company.

Is there a need for a registered agent when creating a DBA?

– If you acquire the DBA names as a sole proprietor or are a general partnership – you do not need a registered agent. However, companies and limited liability corporations must have a registered agent. The presence of DBA in the latter case does not matter.

Can different companies use the same name?

– A DBA application does not guarantee that your business will have exclusive rights to a fictitious name. The law does not prohibit all interested LLCs or corporations from using your registered name.

Is there a requirement by the State of Ohio to publish the DBA name?

– No, there is no such requirement. Your Ohio DBA is not required to be notified.

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